We offer different types of washing services for your pet according to the quality and texture of the coat. You can choose an effective undercoat wash for your double-furred dog, a power wash to ease shedding, or just a maintenance wash to make your everyday life easier.

Matted Hair & Removal of Knots

If your dog has matted hair or tangled knots, you don’t always need to choose to trim the fur coat down. Instead we are able to wash your dog’s fur coat and de-tangle the fur carefully. However on the other hand if your dog’s coat sheds a lot then we are able to manipulate the fur and gently remove the dead hair.


We are able to trim down your dog’s coat of fur by using scissors or by using a trimmer. In order to get the best results, we highly recommend having your dog professionally washed and dried first. We can trim your dog based on how the typical breed is meant to aesthetically look like or if you have specific requirements we are able to follow your wishes.

All Off

If you would like your dog’s coat of fur to be completely taken off or if your dog’s coat of fur is not in the best state then we recommend to get the fur taken off by using a machine. This service is also advised in a situation where more tangles have accumulated and you want to restore your dog’s coat of fur back to a good and healthy condition.

Hand Stripping

If your dog requires picking or threading the fur to maintain a healthy coat we are able to carry out this service based upon the
breed specific requirements. The more you maintain your dog with this treatment (if needed) your dog’s coat will become more healthier, nice looking and weather proof. We recommend to get this treatment done approximately every 3 months, but in some cases it could be sooner.

Luxury Treatments

If you want to make your dog feel special, or you have an important event approaching in your calender why not treat your dog to a blueberry facial or a mud bath. Ask for more information if you are interested!

Teeth Cleaning Coming Soon!

We additionally offer private one-to-one lessons in your home to educate you on how to take care of your puppy or shy dog. We use our expert dog grooming secrets to show you how and what can be done. This can also strengthen your relationship with your dog. When a dog is taken care of and groomed it can be a personal experience for you both.

This experience can build trust.

All our services include: nail cutting and if necessary ear plucking.