About Us

Hi Pawpals!

My name is Asha and I founded Pawfect Grooming in early 2022 shortly after moving to Finland.

Whilst I have been living in Finland, I realised one of the biggest pain points for me (and many other pet parents) was finding a good quality groomer who was able to work around my diary commitments. I was looking for a dog groomer who could offer convenience by coming to me directly at my home, which is what I was used to whilst living in the UK. Therefore, I had this vision of creating a british and nordic dog grooming brand which I believed would change people’s lives and offer the best possible customer service and dog experience.

I wanted to create a magical world of happy dogs being groomed and taken care of and pet parent’s feeling rest assured their beloved dog’s are in safe hands. I want our dog’s to feel excited and have tails wagging about coming in for grooming and seeing our Pawfect team. Grooming shouldn’t have to be so mundane and stressful for a dog. We offer treats whilst the dog’s are being groomed and we finish and tidy them up with a pretty bow, bow tie or a headband. Our dog’s should feel spoiled and special too right?

I have a burning desire to elevate dog grooming to the next level by offering premium dog grooming services at the highest quality whilst not compromising on our own time and working covid safely. What better way to do this, then by allowing us to come straight to your doorstep. We work towards your time schedule, and your dog feels at home (quite literally!) whilst being groomed in our mobile salon on your driveway. There is no hassle, we take care of your dog, all the mess and then we walk your dog back into your house looking and feeling their best. It’s as easy as that. Sound’s too good to be true right?! Thank us later! 

Our Pawfect Grooming team hold more than 30 years of experience. I have carefully selected the best talent across Finland, to create a Pawfect community of groomers. We all share the same values and passion which glue us all together. 

We look forward to meeting you all and can’t wait for you and your dog’s to be Pawfectly groomed by the best in Finland.

Hope you have a Pawfect day!

Asha Singadia Kuronen
Founder and CEO

Our values

Our dog’s aren’t just our pet’s they are our child and a member of our family. They bring us unconditional love, joy and happiness. It’s important we treat and take care of our beloved dog’s with care and respect.

Our mission is to be the first and offer the best mobile dog grooming service’s across Finland, by creating a positive, pleasant and personable experience for your dog’s and yourself.

We think it is important for you to spend time with your dog’s creating beautiful memories, rather than having to worry about grooming them – leave that to us! We offer convenience to your door-step, by doing all the hard work for you.

We aim and strive to be your first choice, when choosing to groom and take care of your dog. We treat every dog like our own family member”

We look forward to meeting you, getting toknow you and serving you.”

Our mission

Our vision is to be the number one choice for all pet parent’s as well as known to be the best at what we do across Finland and Nordics. We will continue to hire the best talent and create a pawfect community of dog lovers, expertise and knowledge.

We look forward to you joining us on our exciting journey!”